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A Viking Harvest Fest

The year is 1030 in Sweden, winter is coming and Gormánuðuris upon us. It is time for one last celebration of our harvest, a hunt, sharing of the years brews, some dancing, and a warm bountiful feast before the approaching cold months ahead.

Rattan Combat

Christian Viking King, Olav Haraldsson (Later to become Saint Olav)
travels to Sweden to the farm of Stiklestad, meeting an army of 10,000
farmers and peasants lead by Harek a warrior who once served the King, but is now ready to overthrow him. Will the Viking King Prevail? Or shall the
farmers and peasants take down the king and his army in the name of the old gods?


The harvest has come to a close, but it is time to hunt and preserve
meat for the winter. Game targets will be available in the shooting range.


The year has gone by, and many a good brew have been bottled (and hopefully still left over from the pennsic wars) Let us share each other’s
brews from the year (alcohol will also be available for sale in the event that
your casks were dried prematurely) All alcohol must be presented to the bar
for distribution. If enough brews are submitted, a brewing competition will



minced pear meat pies, cheese, fruit, honey butter, stuffed dates & eggs




Stew, Viking flat bread, Skyr with honey & nuts, cold cured trout, Viking barley porridge, honey glazed vegetables & salted caramel apple


Activities will include turnip carving, and mask making during the day,
and a masked ball and bardic circle around the fire pit in the evening.



Gormánuður is typically known as the month of "Slaughter," and was considered to be the first month of winter in the old Norse calendar. It was a month filled with harvest festivals and roasted meats! As such, we invite our guests to join in on the fun and bring their home made brews, participate in combat bouts, perform bardic, and play period games!

Guaranteed registration by October 20.

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Activity Registration

Some event activities require registration. Please see below for relevant info & forms:

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our FAQs below. If you still have questions, feel free to shoot us a message.

  • What is Vasa Park?
    Vasa Park is a private recreational and residential community belonging to the Vasa Order of America (VoA), a Fraternal Society originally established for the benefit of Swedish immigrants a century ago, but now dedicated to preserving and sharing Scandinavian culture, history, and heritage. For more information visit
  • What's included with my ticket?
    Parking Pass Event Entrance Camping/RV Pass Complimentary Welcome Dinner, Friday night. (RSVP email will be sent after Oct 20 deadline) Saturday snacks
  • Can I bring my own alcohol?
    All alcohol on site must be served by Vasa Park bartenders, due to liquor license rules. There will be bartenders on site for Saturday festivities. We ask our attendees to drop off their libations with one of our volunteer bartenders. You may label and designate who may drink your stock, or share with other attendees. These will be served at no extra cost. The bar will also have additional drinks for sale. Cash/Credit accepted. We will be hosting a home brew contest, so if you provide any homemade drinks, please note it to the bartender. We will ensure our judges get a sample before making available to others!
  • Any other important rules?
    We humbly ask that attendees bring/dress in garb when possible. While this is a Viking themed event attendees may choose to wear any medievalist garb theme of their choice! We appreciate any and all attempts to maintain the festive atmosphere. No one will be turned away. We welcome all.
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